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Internet-in-a-Box (IIAB) 6.4 Release Notes...will later appear here:

To install IIAB 6.4 (PRE-RELEASE) onto Raspbian Lite or Raspbian Pixel on RPi3:

   curl | sudo bash

That generally takes more than an hour.  This one's even faster
(typically less than an hour) if you don't need as many server apps:

   curl | sudo bash

An Ethernet (live Internet) cable installed into the back of your
Raspberry Pi 3 is very strongly recommended during installation!

Full instructions here:

Or consider a prefab image:

Please also post your specific needs to our discussion
forums where we aim to respond to all (conscientious) questions within
about 24 hours.  Thanks For Building Your Own Library To Serve All !

An especially big thank you to the many countries/communities who've worked
non-stop doing this, to bring about IIAB 6.4:

IIAB Development Team